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Tree Pruning: Choosing the Right Time

tree pruning choosing the right time

In this topic, we will discuss when is the right time to do tree pruning. What Season Should Trees Be Pruned? Every year, everyone likes to be immersed in the beautiful image given to us by the nature brought by the new leaf season. Against the blue sky, our tall lawn friends sprinkled leaves on each…

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5 Things to Do Before a Tree Removal

5 things to do before a tree removal

There are some things to do before doing a local tree removal which we will discuss the 5 things. Preparing to Have Your Tree Removed Trees are important to the environment and bring many benefits to people. They not only add beauty to our environment and personal belongings, but also add color to the air…

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5 Tips to Prevent Tree Damage during Bad Weather

5 tips to prevent tree damage during bad weather

This is how you can prevent bad weather from damaging trees, discussed by your local tree service in Danbury, CT. How to Have Minimal Tree Damage from Storms Trees are a beautiful part of nature, but unfortunately, the severe weather conditions that affect our trees are also part of nature. Photos in the news often…

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Common Tree Removal Risks

common tree removal risks

Removing a tree can be dangerous or even fatal. At Danbury Tree Service, we will discuss some of the obstacles you may encounter when removing trees yourself. Obstacles You May Face When Removing a Tree Removing a tree from your yard is more than just taking your chainsaw and ladder to work. In fact, every…

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How Do You Know If A Tree Is Diseased?

Could Your Tree Be Diseased? Tree Diseases can cause a slew of problems that can lead to a number of dangerous outcomes.  You could have a diseased tree right next to your house waiting for a storm to come through and knock it over.  So, how can you figure out if a tree is diseased?…

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