Does It Matter If I Have My Stump Ground?

Thinking about hiring a Local Tree Service to do Stump Grinding?  It's a lot to consider.  Does it really matter if I have my stump ground or not?  That's a good question.  In this short educational article on stump grinding written by Kleber C's Danbury Tree Service, you'll learn the answer.

When you have a tree taken down on your property, removing the stump is a separate task.  You can leave the stump, but removing it has several benefits.  It opens up more of your yard space to use for entertaining and makes the appearance of the space more attractive.  It also lessens the risk of someone getting hurt on your property.

Having a stump removed by a stump grinder is a great option available for residential homes.  The machinery is a large piece of equipment that has made removing stumps much easier than previously known or tried methods.  Tree service crews are trained to use the equipment, reducing any chances for injury.  It is important to let a skilled person operate the machine.

Listed below are some good reasons to have your stumps ground out.


Several insects like taking up their abode in tree stumps.  Carpenter ants, beetles and termites are a few examples.  They may begin their infestation in a stump, but that doesn’t mean they will stick to their initial location.  If the infested stump is near other trees, the insects can easily spread to other areas of your landscape, causing more damage.  Having termites in your yard that have taken up residence in the wood may eventually bring the problem from the outdoors to inside your home.  Termites can actually cause enough damage weakening a structure that it makes the structure unable to be lived in.  Repairs for the damage can be quite costly.  Removing the stumps before problems arise will incur less expenses in the long run.

The Spread of Disease

Fungus can enter a tree through a wound, or sometimes fungus attacks the roots of a tree directly.  The effects of the fungus are weakened limbs and trunk.  The fungus reproduces by way of mushrooms or other forms.  If the tree needs to be removed, have the stump removed as well.  You can prevent any chance of the fungus spreading to other parts of your landscape.

No Chemicals Needed

The process of grinding out stumps is the use of a large machine with a steel disc that spins, cutting into the stump deeper and deeper until it is completely ground into sawdust.  No need to try the cheaper, non-environmentally friendly method of pouring gasoline or kerosene into it and setting it on fire.

Save Your Energy

Before the stump grinder was invented or became more popular, a whole lot of work was put into removing a stump by using an axe and manpower.  The method worked, but it was physically exhausting and also took a good amount of time to complete the removal.  We now have the equipment available to make this task a much easier one.  Tree services can offer this service to you, letting the machine do the work instead, and having it finished in much less time than attempting other methods, which are neither easy nor quick.

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