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Are you having trouble finding the right Tree Service in Danbury, CT?  If you're looking for the most dependable and affordable Tree Service in Danbury, Connecticut then look no further.  Kleber C's Danbury Tree Service is a locally owned and operated Tree Removal Business serving Danbury and Fairfield County, CT.

Do you have tree limbs dangling over your roof? A fallen tree? Or maybe it's time for a landscaping overhaul?

We are the one-stop-shop for everything from the Stump Up! Our crew handles a variety of different tree service needs in Danbury, CT and Fairfield County. Week in and week out, our trained experts help homeowners with their tree work. We work quickly and safely at affordable prices to take care of you tree service needs. We are proud to offer tree service to all Danbury Hatter fans!

We know that tree service can be a pressing matter. You don't need to worry about tree service if Kleber C's Danbury Tree Service is on the job! Let us take on that worry for you. There is enough going on in this crazy life as it is!

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Kleber C's Danbury Tree Service's Background in the Industry

Words from the Owner:

Not many people grow up wanting to cut trees for a living. But I never stopped being that kid who always climbed the highest tree! Since I never grew out of that itch, I started to care and learn about trees. I always wanted to help people, so I took my knowledge and decided to get to work. Starting out with a few chainsaws, it took a while to get to where I am now. I am proud of my hard work and I know that I can offer you the quick, safe, and friendly service.

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Professional Tree Services in Danbury, Connecticut.

Our diverse choice of tree services provide all of the tree services that you require. We are the tree experts that can assist you in caring for your trees and ensuring that they remain healthy and looking excellent. We are quick to help after a storm hits and are happy to take care of dangerous leaning trees, fallen trees, and branches that hang precariously over your home.

But we are also proud to offer upkeep services to keep your yard safe and looking good, like tree cutting and trimming. When it comes to management, we provide a series of services consisting of tree removal, stump grinding, and land cleaning. We are an experienced, safe, quick, and affordable tree service that you can rely on to get the results that you need.

Danbury Tree Service Pros Tree Trimming
Danbury Tree Service Pros Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Your trees need to be trimmed on a regular basis in order to stay healthy. Pests and diseases can frequently take hold in certain branches, and regular cutting can assist in stopping them from spreading to the whole tree. Cutting also helps correct aeration and helps ensure that each layer of your trees receive enough light. Regular tree cutting also assists with reliable management, as it can keep your trees from growing out of control and creating any risks to your home and your family. Our tree trimming service is the most efficient way to give your trees this essential care and management. Learn more.

Tree Removal

Eliminating trees from your property will reduce the dangers that trees can trigger, specifically if they are growing too close to structures on your property. Getting rid of trees can also help to maximize your yard, which you can put to better use in a variety of different ways. With dependable, quick, and budget-friendly tree removal, you can better manage your residential or commercial property with the help of our knowledgeable and experienced group. Learn more.

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Danbury Tree Service Pros Tree Removal

Stump Removal

Tree removal really isn't complete until you remove the stump- once the rest of the tree is taken away, you don't want to be left with an ugly stump sitting in your yard, taking up space. With Kleber C's Danbury Tree Service, you can be sure absolutely nothing will be left behind when you want a tree off your property. Even if you cut a tree down yourself or were left in the lurch by another tree service company, Kleber C's Danbury Tree Service will help you get rid of ugly stumps once and for all.  Stop mowing around that annoying tree stump with a quick call to your local tree stump removal experts in Danbury, Connecticut!  Click Here for More.

Stump Grinding

An industrial stump grinder is the perfect tool to help make short and light work of any stump that needs to be eliminated. It's created to remove any stump, and will leave you with a clear area. For the Beaverbrook, Becketville, Hayestown, Mill Plain area and beyond, our stump grinding service is a quick, affordable, and hassle-free way to make sure that any tree relocation job is taken care of entirely and you aren't left with a stump sitting on your lawn. More Information.

Danbury Storm Clean Up
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Storm Clean Up

After any storm, cleaning up your property is essential. Let us take the task off your hands and off your mind. Our storm tidy-up services are the quickest and easiest way to get rid of trees that have collapsed or are otherwise a danger or obstruction on your property.
Click Here for More Information.

Land Clearing

This can be something that's tough to do if you have any thick brush, vegetation and trees growing on your property. Kleber C's Danbury Tree Service land clearing service is a reliable and fast way to clear away any unwanted trees, brush and related vegetation from your home, so that you can utilize your land in the way that you want. Learn more.

“They did a great job trimming our trees, it’s obvious that they’re experienced.” John F.

“Their tree removal service was great and an affordable way to get our
trees removed.” Bob T.

“They helped us to clean up and organize our entire yard after a storm. It was a total wreck. In the end, the yard looked better than before the storm. They were brilliant.” Jenna G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that isn't answered?  We have more information in our Homeowner Resources section that should answer any question you have about our tree services.

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We are the tree service in Danbury, Connecticut, in Fairfield county that aims to provide the a variety of safe, quick, budget-friendly tree services. With an unbeatable range of services, there's no better tree business to take care of the tree work around your property.

Our detailed selection of tree services are aimed at providing all of the tree care and tree management services that you require. We are tree specialists that can help you look after your trees and ensure that they stay healthy and look fantastic. Our tree cutting service is the best way to give your trees the care and management they need.

We are the tree service in Danbury and Fairfield County, CT that supplies economical, quick, and safe tree services. With an unparalleled variety of inexpensive services, there's no better tree service company to take care of the tree work around your property.

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