Signs Your Tree Is Dying!

Wanting to keep your yard and property safe for outdoor activities and visual beauty are reasons to keep regular watch over your trees.  There are some telling signs you can watch for to see if your trees might be dying.  When caught in time, there are steps you can take to bring the tree back to wellness.  Think it might be too late for your Tree?  Call Kleber C's Danbury Tree Service for a Free Estimate on Tree Removal.

Some of the signs to look for are listed below:

The Trunk Leans More Than It Should

Trees will often lean a little bit as they age.  However, if the tree is leaning more than what is normal, there is an issue.  Roots that have been uplifted from the soil are a sign of concern.  It signifies that strength in the tree is weakening.  At Kleber C's Danbury Tree Service
we call this tell tale sign - the leaner.  "That's a Class-5 Leaner!"

Weak Branches

Healthy tree branches stem out with a rounded curve.  When branches weaken, the curve becomes more angular.  They crack or break off easily when you apply pressure.  Trees that produce fewer leaves than they had previously are another sign that a tree may be dying.


Dead branches become obvious.  When you can visibly see that the branches are dead, there is potential for them to break off and cause serious bodily harm or structural damage.  You can take care of the dead section by pruning it, but keep in mind that areas with deadwood are more susceptible to fires.

You Notice Hollow Areas

If hollow areas or mushrooms appear in your trees, it is an indicator that there is decay in the tree.  Fungi has a solid existence that has grown into the wood itself.  As more mushrooms that appear on the outside of the tree, decay is increasing on the inside.

Cracked Bark

When the bark of a tree develops a large amount of cracks, it can be a reason for concern.  In some cases, the cracks allow disease to get into the tree, which can then cause decay.


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