Easy Trees to Grow from Seed

In this piece of text, I’m going to reveal to you easy trees to grow from seed and how you can start up from a tree nursery to a forest of food-fetching trees. You just have to stay on board! 

Upon observing the vegetation in your surroundings, you’ll probably notice various changes that trees bring along as we move from one season to another; especially during the end of summer as autumn kicks in. Branches will end up burdened with fruits, seeds, cones, pods, and nuts; preparing the upcoming tree generations. These awesome natural beings have been self-propagating and multiplying for thousands of years. Have you ever thought of growing a tree or numerous trees from easy growing seeds? 

With the steady rising of food prices across the globe, food security has been made a top priority in our lives. Owning a garden or another source of nutritious edibles in the modern world is the biggest favor you can do yourself. You can have a garden filled with fruits, vegetables, tubers, berry bushes, or nuts. In this post, we’re going to look-see how someone can set up their own outdoor garden or fruit forest. 

Wondering where you can get seeds and seedlings for your garden space? We’ll help you decide the right seed choice that will grow easily and bloom to bless you cumbersome fruits season after another. You can go for some chestnuts or even apple seeds and grow trees as the clock keeps ticking. 

Here Are the Easy Trees to Grow from Seed

Nut and fruit trees 

In our daily life, having a source of food is not only mandatory but also a big advantage. Nut and fruit trees can be easily acquired and they are quite easy to grow and keep up. Therefore, many individuals tend to lean towards this side due to its efficiency and easy maintenance. Fruit and nut trees can be easy trees to grow from seed. 

A bigger proportion of gardeners tend to go for grown fruit seedlings. This is mostly considered when one has an eye for long-term fruit delicacies in your environment. Cloned seedlings are on shelves going at affordable prices for good reason. This is to help persons who experience a hard time taking care of younger seedlings since they might need so much attention. This drives persons towards purchasing seedlings since you won’t have to start from scratch. 

Depending on your personal interests and goals, you’ll be able to choose between seedlings and getting seeds for your garden project. Some people will yearn to have a beautiful compound surrounded by trees while others will want a tree forest to pluck fruits from during autumn. Those looking forward to tree forests are particularly recommended to go for seeds while fruit enthusiasts and lovers should get themselves grafted saplings or seedlings for a ‘fruitful’ project. 


Growing fruits from tangerine seeds might take around four to seven years. Tangerine flowering usually happens in spring; the fruits appear during summer and end up ripening in autumn. These evergreen trees can grow up to 10 to 15 feet in height. To home-grow tangerines and end up with fruits in your garden, here is what you should do:  

  • Position your seedling trees in a well-lit environment. Ensure the tree is not exposed directly to the sun. 
  • Make sure the soil used is well-draining and use a certain amount of water. Remember to regulate the amount of water to avoid making the soil soggy. 
  • It’s advisable to go for fresh fruit seeds since they’re considered more viable. Plant your tangerine seeds during spring or as summer kicks in. 
  • After the sapling is grown enough, you’ll have to shift it to a bigger container with the fresh composite mix. 


This is one nut-tree that is easy to plant and grow depending on your locality or surrounding environment. They are quite adaptive nut species since their thriving ability can vary from one location to another. Ensure you do your research well to find the right chestnuts for your local area. Most chestnut plants are known to start bearing nuts after 5 years. 

Some species might take up to 10 to 15 years to become mature. You can take this approach if you have a difficult time acquiring seedlings or saplings for your project. 


These mouth-watering delicacies can growl really well in hot and sunny climatic conditions. However, lemons can yield fruit fairly well when grown indoors or in an enclosed space. Lemon seeds are relatively easy trees to grow from seed. Indoor gardeners are advised to purchase lemon Meyer seeds since they tend to have smaller plant trees. 

For a lemon plant to flower and produce fruits, it will take around 3 to 5 years. Luckily, you do not have to reproduce a number of plants for cross-pollination to occur when growing a lemon tree. This feature of independence is achieved since lemons are insect-pollinated. 

You’ll pluck your lemons as soon as the lemon plant is mature and ready to give you some lemons.  


Being one of the hardest trees to grow from seed, you are advised to acquire tree clones since they can be more defined and easier to grow. In case you didn’t know, one apple fruit can give rise to different tree species. 

Seeds from a specific apple can produce a variety of apple breeds. Therefore, someone who wants to plant and grow a specific apple type will have to purchase the proper seedling before executing your gardening approach. Unless you only want tree forests and are looking forward to achieving the beauty of nature; you’ll prefer apple clone seedlings to seeds reasonably. You will probably settle on your decision as you come closer to your planting season. 


Pitted fruits fall under the same class since their growing technique is nearly identical. Depending on the different climatic conditions experienced, some gardeners might be lucky enough to see fruits hanging from their branches within 3-5 years. This is considered much earlier when compared to other fruit-bearing trees. One is advised to go for local seeds since they are believed to bloom and thrive in the specific environment. Make sure your seeds are properly dried out before preparing for a fruitful planting session. 

Final Thoughts

With the list of easy trees to grow from seed provided above, I believe you are going to have a range of choices to select from when considering what you want to grow in your garden. 

If you have further questions regarding easy trees to grow, we suggest you to contact your local tree service in Danbury, CT today to give your further knowledge and other choices of easy trees to grow.

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