How to Plant Tree Seeds

Planting trees can be a quite difficult process, quite tricky when we do not exactly know how to do it. Planting trees from seeds is however easier compared to any other method. Planting tree seeds can still be tricky if we do not know exactly how to go about it. Therefore, we need to know how to plant tree seeds for us to be able to plant as many trees as we want. We can plant as many trees as we want from seeds for as long as we know how to plant them well since when it is not done properly, we might have fewer seeds germinating than we expected. 

How to Plant Tree Seeds the Proper Way

Before we get to the actual planting of the seeds, there are some factors that we have to know. They include the following; 

What tree species are we planting? 

Before planting a tree, we need to have decided which tree species to plant. The species greatly affects how we are going to plant the tree. Some tree species have seeds that need some special treatment before planting. However, some seeds can just germinate without having to be treated. This is why we need to know which tree species we are going for. 

The source of the seeds 

Sometimes we might choose to collect the seeds from natural sources while sometimes we would have to go buying them from certified sources. Such seeds have been properly selected and prepared for planting. Depending on where we have acquired the seeds from, we might need to adjust how we plant them for optimum germination. 

Where we are planting the seeds 

When planting the seeds, we have to know where we are planting the seeds to know the number of seeds we need to acquire. This will also determine how we will plant the same seeds we have acquired. We have to decide on a proper site to plant our seeds. 


These are just some of the factors but there are more of them that we will encounter in the process of planting. Now let’s see the actual process of how to plant tree seeds. Under this, there are basically two ways of tree growing that will determine how we plant our seeds. 

Natural planting 

This is basically the sowing of seeds outside during autumn. In this method, there is less involvement in germinating the seeds. Prepare the site for planting and sow the seeds. The seeds will have to go through a winter period before they grow. Many tree species go through a stage of dormancy and the winter is the perfect time for the dormancy period. However, we will have to culture the seeds to adapt to the environment after germination. 

Therefore, we plant the seeds in small containers outside in a sheltered area or aside protected confinement to discourage birds. We can take care of them until they are large enough to be planted. Here, we transfer them to pots or larger containers and into greenhouse conditions for a while. 

After some time, the seedlings will now be good enough to be taken to the site of choice. The advantage with this method is that we take less care of the seeds to germinate and condition if the environment for germinated seedlings is only for a short while. 

Indoor planting/ assisted germination 

This is where the seeds are subjected to a medium culture that is suitable for seed germination. There is a lot of involvement in this and it requires to be careful with every step for germination to plant. What we are simply doing here is emulating nature and the environment outside. Here are a few steps we should follow in this. 

Break the seed dormancy 

Breaking seed dormancy is a term we should know before we think of how to plant tree seeds. 

This is basically quickening the germination of seeds by softening the hard coat around them to allow moisture in for germination. There are many methods of doing this but for convenience, we are going to highlight one which is the easiest. It is called cold stratification. 

Here we need to soak the seeds in warm water for approximately 24 hours, allow them to drain before placing them in a paper towel and a plastic bag then in a refrigerator. Freeze them for around 12weeks and they will be ready for planting. Of course, we can apply other methods such as warm stratification, the outcome is the same. 

Prepare the potting medium 

This is where our major focus is. The potting medium has to contain the right ingredients and in the correct proportions. We can have some garden soil, some peat moss, and some perlite with a little compost. 

Basically, the medium should be well aerated and retentive to water to keep it moist as well as be fertile enough to bring up strong tree seedlings. When our potting mixture is ready, we can proceed to plant our seeds. 

Sow the seeds in the pots 

After the potting medium is set and the seeds are ready to be planted, we can now show them in different pots, each with favorable conditions, and subject them to the most suitable conditions. Make sure there is enough moisture and enough light to support growth. 

One thing we should be careful about is planting the seeds at the correct depth. If we bury them too deep, they might germinate. Keep an eye on the seedlings until they are good enough to be transplanted at the site during summer. 


Those are the two major ways of planting tree seeds to come up with healthy tree seedlings for planting. It is not as difficult as it sounds for as long as we are careful with each step as tree seeds require special treatment. 

However, it is simple enough not to discourage anyone to try since we all take pride in creating a cool environment for ourselves. That’s basically how to plant tree seeds. We can get planting and see how it works. 

If you have questions regarding tree seeds, we suggest you to contact your local tree service in Danbury, CT today to discuss the tree seeds of your choice and health care it needs.

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