What to Do with Sawdust from Stump Grinding?

Grinding is long-established as the most efficient and affordable way to remove tree stumps. Grinding eliminates all the visible parts of the stump, leaving behind nothing but grindings and sawdust. The problem thousands of homeowners who cut down big trees face is what to do with the resulting sawdust. Just fell down a tree to cut timber or wood out of it, here is what to do with sawdust from stump grinding.

What to Do with Sawdust from Stump Grinding?

#1   Crafty DIY firestarter

Get crafty while putting your sawdust into use by converting it into some wild summer bonfires. DIY sawdust fire starters are fun and intriguing to make. Get a candle wax and melt it over a nonstick pot in a low heat temperature. As the wax melts and forms a solid material, add some sawdust to it to thicken it further. Get the resulting solution and put it in a paper egg carton. Let it cool down before you separate the briquettes and use some for starting fires.

#2   For filling wood gaps

You likely have dozens of wood furniture in your household. Most if not all have gouges, holes, and cracks, which are unappealing. Filling these gaps shouldn’t be a big deal, provided you hack into the smart ways of using sawdust for crafty household projects.

Once you’ve grounded the stump and collected fine sawdust with the consistency of flours, get the sawdust and mix it with wood glue to create a paste. Use this substance to fill any damaged parts of your wooden households. Add some color to the filler for the resulting filling if you want the color to match that of the original furniture’s color.

#3   Make pet beds better

One outstanding quality of sawdust is its excellent absorption and moisture-soaking abilities. When applied in commercial kitty litter, sawdust could impressively absorb odors and efficiently soak up moisture. By filling up pet bed stuffing with sawdust, you get to create a comfy relaxing bed surface for the pets, while ensuring they won’t suffer from the extremes of moisture buildup. You can store the sawdust got from the stump grinding and keep it safe for use on your pets’ beds. Giving pets this one top-notch luxury could improve their overall life, making them happier and relaxed.

#4   Grow mushrooms at home

Mushrooms are healthy delicacies loved by families worldwide. The cost of mushrooms is quite high and given an opportunity, everyone would rather grow theirs at home. Mushrooms are naturally attracted to wood, as they usually grow on fallen trees and downed logs. Their unique love for wood simply means they would grow and live happily in DIY wood-infused beds.

Therefore, if you can make a DIY bed from sawdust got from stump grinding, you can rear some of the healthiest mushrooms existing. All you should do is mix the sawdust with organic compost and moist the mixture.

#5   Boost garden and yard traction

Thinking of going liberal? Use the sawdust got from stump grinding to give your garden life. Spread the sawdust strategically in the garden to create a walkway. You’ll not only create a walkway in the garden but also deter weed growth and reduce soil erosion. In case you experience snowy sidewalks during the winter climate, you can use the sawdust to enhance traction. The applications of sawdust in modern gardens are copious and the application antics are many, as well.

#6   Soak up spills in garages

Life in the garage comes with the risk of chemicals, oil, gasoline, and grease spilling. Unless you’re extra-careful, which rarely is the case, you’re going to be dealing with spills often. Cleaning spills isn’t always a walk in the park, as it mostly requires using more costly solutions and tools.

When you cut a tree and stump grind the remains, you can keep the collected sawdust to use in cleaning spillage in the garage. Sawdust has impressive absorption properties and can efficiently soak up most liquid spills, including gasoline, oil, and grease. All you’ve to do is to carefully apply the sawdust over the spilled contents and allow it time to absorb the liquid contents. Once the liquid is absorbed, sweep the sawdust to clean the remaining mess.

#7   Heat your home

It’s quite fun sitting around a wood-burning stove as the intriguing heated waves run through your body to introduce the warmth you desire during wintry days and months. The source of heating is never the issue, but the quality of heat is. Many modern homes have turned to wood stoves and pellet stoves for their household heating needs. Wood pellets burn longer, producing more heat for extended periods. As with sawdust, it burns really quick and for you to enjoy the heat quality you desire, you will need a lot of sawdust.

The good news is that you can quickly turn sawdust into wood pellets. Use household pellet mills to press the small pieced sawdust into large enough and dense pellets for use in modern wood stoves.

#8   Create mulching

When asked what they would do with the sawdust after stump grinding, most homeowners give mulching as the easiest application. Mulching with sawdust saves you the money you could have used buying wood chips. It lessens the process as well and saves your energy. Mulching with sawdust is simply easy and fun. What it takes is for you to get the sawdust dispersed even around the target plants.

The benefits of sawdust mulching are well known. They include preventing the growth of unwanted weeds, retaining necessary moisture, and keeping roots cool. Sawdust is low in nitrogen, so consider adding some nitrogen content to the sol to ensure the plants don’t suffer the lack of nitrogen.


Felled several trees but now worried what to do with sawdust from stump grinding? There are tons of ways you can make stump grounded sawdust useful. You can convert it into compost or mulching to add life and health to your trees and you can use it as fuel. You can as well get crafty and decide to use the sawdust to repair the holed wood products in your home.

You can visit or contact your local tree service company in Danbury CT for helpful tips.

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